SNM International

Flexo Printing Machine

RY-320-1 Single color printing machine with 2 die cutting station


  1. The main motor adopts imported converter to govern in a steepless way .
  2. Feeding and discharging are controlled through magnetic powder brake and clutch (Japanese Mitsubishi aut tension controller) .
  3. Unhindered system is controlled by auto rectify sensor.
  4. Adopt ceramic mesh distributor roller, which is characterized by durability , wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, The doctors can be Used, which is more efficient for reducing the times for changing in order to increase the production efficiency.
  5. The printing unit can register in 360degrees. Each printing unit can indepen deftly gear and loosen to have the units continue printing.
  6. The printing units are all equipped with a group of infrared dryers respectively .
  7. Each IR dryer device of printing unit can interchange of UV dryer device.
  8. The roofing device is adopted with a group of infrared dryers respectively.
  9. The inking roller can automatically fall off at stoppage and transfer at low speed in order to keep the ink from being bry and solid.
  10. The roll feeding, printing, auto infrared drying. Laminating and rolling can be processed in one processing. Lt is characterized by wide application, non-population of printing ink and fast drying, quick printing. So it is an ideal printing machine for the commercial bill to print high Graded free adhesive trademark.



Printing speed 60m/min
Printing color 1 color
Max web width 33 0mm
Max printing width 3 2 0mm
Max unwind diameter 60 0mm
Max rewind diameter 55 0mm
Printing girth 175-3 55 mm
Overprint  p recision ±0.1mm