SNM International

Flexo Printing Machine

HRY-1000 4 color flexographic printing machine


-Beverage packaging

-paper cup printing

-food/pharmacy packaging printing


-Casting board increase machine stability

-Automatic web guiding as standard

-auto tension controller with powder brakes, stable and accurate tension control system

-digital temperature controllers

-printing unit cassette design, anilox roller and cylinder quick change & quick set up

-accurate lateral and circumferential registration

-seperate fast drying for every stage, high efficiency drying capacity

-standard web inspection system, keep inspects printing image

-handy control panel

-pressure between plate cylinder and anilox roller, plate cylinder and pressure roller is pneumatically, easy to adjust pressure

-Air shaft for unwind and rewind

-digital length display and speed display



Machine model HRY-1000-4
Max. Web width 1015mm (39.96″)
Max. Printing width 1000mm (39.37″)
Max. Repeat printing length 241.3-1219mm (9.5″-48″)
Repeat die cutting length 241.3-1219mm (9.5″-48″)
Max. Unwind diameter 1524mm (60″)
Max. Rewind diameter 1524mm (60″)
Gear size 1/8CP
Max. speed 152m/min
Main motor drive 20-30kw
Lubrication system Automatic
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Power supply 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph