SNM International

Slitting Machine

FQ-W1300 Series Horizontal Slitting and Rewinding Machine



  1. The complete machine is equipped with imported PLC, and with a touch screen and man-machine interface in operation.
  2. It has the functions of buffering when machine start work, can count meters and stop automatically.
  3. Adopt full automatic tension controller and powder magnetic brake for unwinding which can keep tension of unwinding invariable
  4. Using taper tension controlling for frequency converter of rewinding .
  5. Adopt vector frequency converter motor for traction transmission, which can be controlled with invariable line speed
  6. Top air style shaft less fixing and liquid pressure lifting structure are adopted for raw material loading and discharging , to lighten work force.
  7. Adopt two manner of vertical cutter and round cutter for slitting
  8. Adopt synchronous motor, high precision ball bearing screw motor and Shanghai made magic eye for unwinding web guiding which can move 120mm, auto web guiding make slitting more accurate and dapper.
  9. Equipped with side waste scrap air-blowing sending air-blowing sending



Roller width 1300mm
Unwinding diameter 1000mm
Rewinding diameter 600mm
Slitting width 50-1300mm
Slitting speed 240m/min
Slitting accuracy +_0.2mm
Total power 10.5KW
Overall dimensions 2500*2150*1570mm
Machine weight 3000KG