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Slitting Machine

FQ-550 Label Slitting and Rewinding Machine



Auto slitting machine FQ-550 type is a complete set of equipment for full automatic roll trademark printing machine and roll die cutting machine. It is applicable to slit the narrow scope paper, automatic counting the length(meter), quantity of paper(piece) and setting the length, automatic stopping, giving an alarm and unreeling, magic eye automatic correcting the error, inflatable shaft receiving material, tension controlling. Recording Paper number import electric eye , So it is of tight construction and is characterized by quickness, accurate slitting ease of operation and stable firm running.



Max web width 55 0mm
Max putting diameter 6 00mm
Min width 1 8 mm
Cutting precision 0. 5 mm
Cutting speed 8 0m/min
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 1300*1100*1400mm
Machine Weight 800KG